Temperance Spirit Company

Have you ever thought… wouldn’t it be great if there was a drink which tasted like your favourite alcoholic drink – not too sweet, something which made you feel part of the party, but without the alcohol? Well, now there is….

Non-alcoholic Gin & TonicThe company were keen to produce a decent quality drink that tastes as good as the “real thing” but only use naturally sourced ingredients and botanicals and never to use artificial sweeteners, yet to keep the sugar content to a minimum.

The Teetotal adult soft drink G’n’T was launched in late 2015, the first of adult styled soft drinks.
During tastings the vast majority of people could not tell G’n’T was a soft drink and were quite shocked when it was revealed that in fact it was non-alcoholic.

Non-Alcoholic Cuba LibreIn March 2018 a new product was launched: Cuba Libre is a rum and cola drink which, as with G’n’T, is made with all natural ingredients.

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