Romanian Wines

Map of Romanian wine regions

When talking about Romania many people would think immediately of Dracula, Nicolae Ceausescu (the communist dictator), or Nadia Comaneci the gymnast but they are fast becoming well renown for their wines.
Silver Fox Consultants highly recommend the Romanian wines and spirits that are imported directly from various regions of Romania including Transylvania. 
Romania has around 4000 years of continuous wine traditions. However, during the communist era all vineyards were forced into producing bulk wine at the expense of quality. Following the fall of communism and the eventual entry into the European Union, the wine industry has changed beyond recognition and is improving every year. With new state of the art technology, wine makers are able to now produce excellent quality wines in the modern methods.
Romania is on the same latitude as Europe’s finest wine regions including Bordeaux, Burgundy in France, and Piemonte in Italy. Romania is now the fifth largest producer of wine in Europe, following closely on the heals of Italy, France, Spain and Germany.
As well as planting the more popular international varieties, several indigenous vines are also proving popular.
Varieties such as Feteasca Regala (The Royal Maiden),  Feteasca Neagra (The Black Maiden) and Tamaioasa Romaneasca are also well worth sampling.
Silver Fox Consultants has good contact with a Romanian wine importer so can offer help and advice with any aspect of these wines.