Delivery & Returns


A charge of £12.00 inclusive of VAT will be levied for each consignment on the UK mainland. Our carriers are only authorised to deliver goods where a specific signature for goods is available, between the hours of 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday and only to the address of the purchaser. However, if specific instructions are given to leave the wine without a signature being obtained or to leave the consignment at an address other than the purchaser, we cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage arising as a result of carrying out those instructions.
Only persons of 18 years of age or over can accept delivery of a consignment.

Delivery is normally within 8 working days of ordering. Working days are Monday – Friday and do not include Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holidays.

Customer Promise

Quality – If you buy any of our wines and you don’t like a bottle, we will credit your account for the amount paid for that bottle. If you have bought a whole case of one particular wine, then we will credit your account with the price paid for the whole case, including delivery, as soon as we have collected the rest of the wine from you, provided of course that you have only drunk one bottle from the case. If you have bought a mixed case of wine to which a case discount has been applied we will credit your account with a proportion of the price you paid determined by the proportion of the case contents the wine you don’t like represents.


If some or all of the bottles of wine in a case are broken or spoiled when they are delivered you should notify us as soon as possible. You may choose either to return the whole case or just the affected bottles for a refund.

 You must notify us of all wines which are due to be returned for any of the  above reasons within 7 days from delivery of the wine.