Malbec originated in the Cahors region of South West France where it is called “Cot” (Coat). In the middle ages it was called “Black Wine” because of its dark ebony colour. The wine is one of the four other wines as well as Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon used in blending Bordeaux wines.
Today Malbec is better known by the general public as coming from Argentina where it is grown in every wine region, however Mendoza is recognised as the main producer.
The Malbec grape is a purple grape variety used to make red wine. Tending to have a dark colour and quite robust tannins.
Argentina now has almost 70% of Malbec vineyards of the world.
Argentian Malbecs are fruit forward and plummy with a velvety texture whereas French Malbec tends to be a bit more savoury, tart with firm tannins. It also comes across with plumby and blackberry flavours.
Sunshine gives Malbec its fruitiness and in Mendoza they get a lot of sun.