Prosecco has become one of the UK’s most popular imported wines. However there are many cheap and inferior products on the market. All will have the fizz that is expected but by paying a little more money you will undoubtedly get a much better tasting product. All Prosecco comes from the Veneto region in Italy and is made with the Glera grape (once called Prosecco). The best Prosecco is reputedly from the Valdobbiadene area of Veneto and carries the DOCG attribute for quality. As with all wines Prosecco can be made with different sugar content and the classification can be confusing because of the way they describe it. 

Dry has 17 – 32 grams/litre of sugar.
Extra Dry has 12 – 17 grams/litre of sugar.
Brut has 0 – 12 Grams/litre of sugar
Extra Brut has 0 – 6 grams/litre of sugar
Brute Nature has 0 – 3 grams of sugar (No added sugar)