Kelvin K2 Wine Thermometer

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For better tasting wine you should serve it at the temperature the producer intended.



If a wine is too cold or too warm you will not be getting the full flavours that were intended.
Using the latest Bluetooth  4 technology the Kelvin K2 sends the wine temperature information to your smartphone, even from inside your refrigerator. The free App monitors your wine as it is chilling and provides as much or as little information as you need to get the best from every bottle of wine
If the receiver shows red, the wine is too warm. Put it into the fridge,
If the receiver shows blue, the wine is too cold.  Let it warm up naturally.
When the receiver shows green the wine is at the ideal temperature and you will get a perfect balance to all the constituents like body, acidity, tannins and alcohol. You will then get the taste of the wine that the winemaker was expecting you to have.

2 reviews for Kelvin K2 Wine Thermometer

  1. Dean Williams

    I have enjoyed a nice bottle or red for some time now but was never a connoisseur…. I for one didn’t know you should put red wine in the fridge to bring the temperature down to a recommended temperature! 14-17 degrees for most reds.
    I purchased the Kelvin K2 Thermometer at Christmas and as advised by Rowland, opened a bottle of red (at what I would have considered normal drinking temperature 22 degrees) from my wine rack. I poured a glass but didn’t drink it, then put the open bottle in the fridge with the thermometer around it for around 15 minutes. I used the Kelvin App on my phone to monitor the temperature and when it reached its recommended temperature I poured a second glass, then began the process of comparing the two.

    At that point I discovered a new love of red wine! If you are also sabotaging your red wine experience (like me) by not knowing what temperature it should be appreciated at then buy this device. It comes with a charging cable and instructions of how to use with the App.

    Thanks Rowland for your advise, I should have listened to you sooner!

  2. Ben Griggs

    This is a great product, my wine tastes a lot better when I serve it at the correct temperature. It is so easy to use and the information on the App in my phone about each grape variety is very interesting.

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