Wine Tasting

Try a Wine Tasting in Your Own Home

As part of our service at Silver Fox Consultants we can offer you an educational wine tasting in your own home, or other venue, anywhere in Lancashire. So that we can make it a more interesting time, the minimum number of participants is six tasters and so we will match wines to your requirements.
Would you like to sample the better known grape varieties from different countries?
Or would you prefer varieties that are more unusual?
The same variety from different countries?
Just red wines or only white wines?
Or different varieties from the same country?
Its your choice.

Learn how to improve the taste of even the cheapest of wines.
Find out why some wines cost only £4.00 but others will cost a lot more.
Why do people swirl the wine in a glass?
What connection do aromas have with the taste of wine?
Many queries you may have can be answered at a tasting.

How much does it cost?

Many companies will charge as much as £25.00 per person, and you have to travel to the tasting which can involve extra cost.
Our tastings make it more convenient for you, because we come to your venue.
Only £12.00 per person  for 6 to 12 tasters is all you will pay.
Should you have between 14 – 20 tasters the cost is reduced to £11.00 per person.
You will be able to taste six different wines and learn all about them.
Should there be any wine left in the bottles then it is yours to finish.

Are you be a fundraiser and interested in using a tasting to help you?
Should you have over 20 tasters the cost per person is reduced to £9.00.
Please contact us and your requirements can be discussed.

Should you have any interest and require more information please fill in the form below and we will contact you within 24 hours.